Before we leave

The day before we leave for overseas always seems chaotic. I have to get keys sorted for the house sitter and make sure I am home before the maid leaves so that I can get in. As I prefer to leave things to ‘the last minute’ I will only pack my suitcase late in the afternoon. My packing includes my clothes, all our toiletries and all the extra things we take with us as we stay in self catering accommodation. This includes salt and pepper, and what ever is left over from our previous trip. After the packing is done, supper gets sorted out and the recording set for the news is cancelled.

The following day we get the suitcases into the car and head to work. Chaos continues while I set up the auto response on my emails (I have 3 addresses), change my voice mail and set up one email address on my phone.

But, all this chaos is worth it as I know my holiday starts as soon as we sit down in the lounge and relax before our flights.

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