September 23: La Charite to Nevers

I did not sleep well at all and woke up quite early. After getting showered etc. Dave and Nico went for a cycle ride and I read. Breakfast this morning was croissants and we got on our way at a reasonable time. At the one lock where the lock keeper Nico wrote a fine for Tim for disobeying orders (i.e. being where we were). The fine was €10 but it meant nothing! We stopped at a lovely place for lunch. Just past Cuffy and tied up along the Dutch couple we met yesterday. Here the water and electricity are free of charge. I washed dishes then we had lunch and I washed up so we could top up with water. Annie doesn not grasp the concept that the water is limited and Nico was surprised at how much we had used in a day. We hooked up to the electricity mainly for Nico’s phone but his one charger was damaged and Wanette could not find the other one. After lunch we headed on our way – Wanette then found the charger! Nico went for a lie down and I read the waterway book. I discovered that the Ligier museum is 10km away and discussed with Dave getting to Nevers for the night.We had a proper (deep) double lock to navigate and then a passage over a river.  The plan was then to tie up and charge up and go out for dinner. The two locks into Nevers are automatic and quite something!  Between the 2 locks I heard Joyce (Tim’s wife) and she was on the barge. Tim had left Sancerre at 10 according to what he told Nico and caught up with us! Nico told Joyce that they were to turn around and leave us alone. But heyho, they tied up in the port. I packed my suitcase before I knew this but when Dave went to see the port master he saw them. He came to pack as well and had a long chat with Nico. I feel terrible for them that we left the barge but my happiness has to come first. Dave went online and found us an hotel and we took a long walk through the old city to get there. We went to a brasserie to eat the beef of the region and came back to the hotel.

"September 23"
September 23


2 Replies to “September 23: La Charite to Nevers”

  1. Hi Tandy
    Just read your blog, I am sure you are sorry for Nico and Co for leaving the barge, but it is all his fault now he has to live with the consequences. The planned holiday was just for the 6 of you and then he goes and invites the others!!!!! if he had not done that then things would have been very different.
    But now you must enjoy the rest of your holiday, and I am sure you will have learnt a huge lesson and just go on holiday by yourselves in future. As things dont always turn out as planned. I feel very sorry for you that you are in this predicament.

    Take care. Lots of Love Gill 🙂

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