September 24: Nevers

Woke up feeling totally deflated and utterly exhausted. This holiday has been ruined for so many people because one person ignored their boss! Did not realise how much stress this has been but I have certainly felt apprehensive and anxious since we found out at the rugby about the second barge. I have had an outbreak of eczema. Dave spent the morning trying to hire a car and book us a self catering place to stay. There were no cars available so we decided to see if we could find a place to stay in Paris but that too was not a possibility. We showered and dressed, had an express breakfast and walked to the station. Avis have a car from tomorrow so we will explore the region for 2 days. We have booked a train back to Paris on Saturday. We would prefer self catering so that we can cook. Not only is it cheaper, it is much nicer. We walked around Nevers, had an espresso break and had a baguette with chicken in it for lunch, and an ice cream for dessert. I had chocoláte noisette and Dave had caramel. We walked back to the hotel and I read a bit and dozed. We are in a smaller room with no kettle! We bought water and coffee at a small shop but that was not going to help much. We were given a jug of barely boiled water and cups but no teaspoon. Not the best coffee I have had! Dave was online and saw that Air France strike is due to continue till the 30th. I have sent an email requesting specific flights so let’s see what happens this time. We left the hotel and finally I felt like I was on holiday. I realized I was doing so much on the barge to be in control of what I could control. But that did not help! Cooking is my bliss. On our walk through the old city we stopped at La Pause for beers. Fischer for me and Pelforth Ambree for Dave. We had a long chat about everything and then walked to St-Sébastien for supper. We had a lovely meal and an excellent bottle of wine before walking back to the hotel.

"September 24"
September 24

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