September 26: Vauclaix to Nevers

I woke up with an upset stomach. I broke my golden rule of travelling and had some tap water. Thankfully by the time we were showered, packed, eaten breakfast and ready to go I was feeling better. We were offered a very good continental breakfast and I had honey with the most interesting flavour. We went to Corbigny and walked through the street market. Saw amazing mushrooms and bought some strawberries. Then headed to Leboat to see about doing the canal Nivernais next year. We stopped at a series of locks (16 in a row!) and looked at where the canal goes through the tunnels. We drove into Châtillon-en-Bazois and had lunch at the side of the canal. We shared a bench with 2 French workers. The one offered us his wine to have with lunch. To them drinking at lunch time, while on a work break is normal. We then drove to Decize and walked around before heading back to Nevers. We handed the car back and checked into the Best Western Hotel. We went to the train station and changed our tickets to an earlier time and then went and had 2 Paulaner beers where we had supper the first night. We relaxed for a bit at the hotel before going to Tomate et Chocalat for dinner.

"September 26"
September 26

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