September 27: Nevers to Paris

Woke up and packed and then walked to the Avis office to see if the car was still there as I had left something in it. Sadly the car was in Rennes and who ever cleaned the car found nothing. We then went to the boulangerie and had piping hot croissants for breakfast. We had an espresso each and walked to the train station. The train to Paris was non stop and we arrived at Gare de Lyon at 12. Dave got a map of the metro and Paris and we went to buy a day pass for the public transport. With that done we went to find the A line. Dave had left the map at the SNCF office so we got out at Aubert where the Opera is, and walked around a bit. Finally an hotel provided us with a map and pointed us in the direction of the Air France office. This was closed! We then walked to our hotel and checked in. We had baguette, ham and cheese for lunch in the room before heading to Maillot to the Air France office there. I got to see the Arc de Triomphe and we found Air France. The queue was at least an hour long. After a quick walk through an upmarket supermarket we came back to the hotel. I spent half an hour on the phone before discovering our flight is not yet cancelled. Despite the pilots strike continuing until the 30th. Until it is we cannot change our flight, which is confirmed. We then relaxed for a bit – me in the bath before getting dressed for the Crazy Horse. Saw the Eiffel Tower from the road. We arrived early so had a glass of Montepulciano wine each before going to see the show. It was OK but nothing to rave about. We then went for supper at a local seafood restaurant. Dave had whiting and I had mussels. We left everyone there and came back to the hotel. Dave’s metro card did not work properly so he entered on my card, and I entered on another persons card. She was not happy but they gave her another ticket. We got back and just as I was about to turn off the light and go to sleep Nico banged on the door and invited us for a drink. We went across the road and had a cider for some and white wine for others. It was after midnight when we got back to the hotel and the noise does not stop where we are!

"September 27"
September 27

One Reply to “September 27: Nevers to Paris”

  1. Sounds like u had a good day/evening. Hope what u left in the car was nothing important or irreplacable. You would have been more than lucky for someone to have handed anything in to the office:). Hope Sunday was great.

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