September 29: Paris to Munich

Woke up and started packing before heading out. We had a croissant and an espresso before getting on to the Metro. We walked to the Eiffel Tower which is amazing to say the least. After that we got back on the metro. Dave got off at Franklin D Roosevelt but I got stuck amongst people getting on! I went to the next stop, changed over trains and went back to Dave. We then went to the Maille boutique shop and tasted mustards before choosing 3 we cannot get at home. They were packed for us for travel! We went back to the hotel and got ready for our flight. We caught a taxi to CDG and waited for our delayed Lufthansa flight to Munich. When we got here I showered in the business class lounge and changed. We went through passport control and left Del and Annie sitting at the departure gate while we went for something to eat. We bought some whisky at duty free and then sat down to let Del and Annie have a walk around. This carried on until we boarded the flight. The staff came on duty and I was first in the queue to get our new boarding passes as Dave had managed to change our seats. We were offered €600 each to stay the night in Munich, as well as accommodation in a 4 star hotel, with dinner and breakfast included. Del and I would have jumped at the opportunity, but Annie was ready to get home. As far as I could tell, the 7 volunteers caught the flight, so it would not have happened in any case. But, it would have been nice. The flight left late and we had a really good meal, before pretending to sleep – there was a screaming baby on the flight. The father admitted to the child not being a good flier which made me want to ask why they did not give the child something to calm down and sleep?

"September 29"
September 29

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