September 30: Munich to Gordons Bay

So, with the flight leaving late, we landed late. But SAA as usual were on the ball. We went through passport control and collected our luggage and then went to the SAA check in desk where we were given boarding passes for the next flight. We made it on time and landed safe and sound in Cape Town. Kenny collected all of us from the airport and we came back to the office to see what was going on, and then went home to shower, unpack and unwind. We were in bed shortly after 8! An interesting holiday with highs and lows.

September 19: Gordons Bay to Amsterdam

So, it was a bit like deja vu. Woke up, showered and repacked the overnight case before going to work. Got hold of Air France at 8am and we were told they could not confirm the seats until 15:30! With no other flight to Europe available we had to hope for the best. I left work at 2 and went shopping for clothes to wear on the flight. With nothing clean and the laundry still wet I had no other choice. I relaxed at home before Dave got back. He told me we had seats confirmed. We showered, got dressed into travelling clothes again and went to drop our cars off at work. Kenny (Del’s) son took the 4 of us to the airport. We got here at 19:00 and checked in. We headed straight for the Diners Club Lounge. We are there now, sitting and waiting to fly at 23:30!

September 18: Gordons Bay to Gordons Bay

Yes, you are reading that correctly! On the 15th of September the Air France pilots went on strike. At 12h38 on the 16th we were notified that our flight from Johannesburg to Paris had been cancelled. The first thing Dave did was secure us a booking on Swiss from Johannesburg to Zurich. While he was doing that I got hold of the insurance company and sorted out how we were to claim for the curtailment and changes. With that all dealt with, we called Air France. It took me 2 hours to get through to them! Dino answered the call and told us that the only flight they could get us on to was the BA flight to Paris via London. I told him that as we are South African passport holders this was not a feasible option as we needed Visas for the UK to transit. Our UK Visas expired on the 13th! He assured us this was not the case and Dave told him that if he was 100% sure, to go ahead and book the flight. So, 3 hours later we cancelled our Swiss booking and thought everything was under control. Yesterday (the 18th) we arrived at Cape Town International Airport and BA refused us permission to board the plane! Thankfully this was before we had even checked in. We had paid an extra R2000 for the seat allocation which at least we can apply for a refund for.  The Bid Air counter attempted to first deal with the permission to land issue, rather than try and get hold of the Bid Air desk at OR Tambo in Johannesburg and get us onto the KLM flight departing from Johannesburg on the 18th. Dino was not answering his phone and his supervisor suggested that they call immigration at Terminal 5 at Heathrow to get us permission to land. Heathrow immigration would not take the call from Air France and insisted that BA call them. BA called and they refused us permission. So, by this time, it was well after 5pm and there seemed no immediate solution to our problem. The Air France office was now closed, and Bid Air in Johannesburg were not answering their phone. Our options were to fly Emirates today (the 19th) via Dubai and land in Paris at 13h30 or to fly KLM leaving Cape Town at 23h30 and land in Paris at 13h35. Given that the flight duration is shorter on KLM we chose that option. However, the flight is overbooked and we have been informed of this. We have new tickets – the third lot and a lot of issues to sort out. Once the tickets were issued we caught a taxi to Stephan’s house. He had dropped us off at the airport and taken my car home. Air France covered the cost of the taxi – I stopped looking at the meter once it had got to R350! We then called the house sitter to let him know we were sleeping at home and needed house keys to get in to the house. Kyle is the manager at our local Italian restaurant so we went and had supper there and collected the keys. He had been up to feed the dogs and collect his bag – thankfully for us he lives just down the road. After supper we came home and started with all the cancellations. First we had to tell Nico we would not be meeting him at the airport and he would need to get a lift to Briare. Then we cancelled our hotel booking. We cancelled the car booking and made a new one and then after all that, attempted to check in on the KLM flight. And guess what? We cannot check in. Which makes me think we are not actually on the flight. Also, we are meant to leave the barge basin on Saturday at 2pm and we will not get to Briare until 16h30. This does not bode well at all! Dave will drop me at Carrefour to do the shopping, then drop Annie and Dell off at the barge and get our suitcases on board. Then he will collect me and the shopping and drop me off. And then get the car back to Gien which is the next town. He will have to book a late drop off and get a taxi back! Air France is going to get a huge claim for all of this! I also need to shop for clothes as my wardrobe is limited and I need something to travel in tonight. Not the start to a holiday anyone wants.